The Most Adorable Moments From The Seppelt Wines Stakes Day MYER Fashions On The Field

It has been a huge week of fashion and fun at Flemington Racecourse for the Melbourne Cup Carnival, and the MYER Fashions On The Field competition has shown off the best of the best!

On Seppelt Wines Stakes Day aka the 'Family Day' of the Carnival, it's time for the kids to shine on the runway -- and they gave us some seriously adorable moments!


Standing Out From The Rest

The first category of the day was the Family Racewear finals and it got us off to a flying start with the amazing coordinated looks from the entrants.

It's always difficult standing out in a group who have all dressed to impress, but this little entrant sure made his mark when he busted a move on the catwalk!

In the final walk, this little legend break-danced so hard he fell off the stage and straight into dad's arms!

Never stop dancing, little dude.

A Family Affair

You might think it's a bit daggy for the entire family to be wearing matching outfits, but these families are showing off how sharp it can look!

Meet the Family Racewear Top 3:

First Place -- The Carpenteri Family

Michael and Rhianna Carpenteri with daughters Leila, Elena and son Nate! Image: Getty Images

Nate was so cute in the finals, proudly leading his two sisters down the runway, holding their hands.

Look at that little strut!

First runner up -- The Tamou Family

Proud mum Brittney with her two little boys Bronx and Bear. Image: Getty Images

Second runner-up -- The Donovan Family

Beautiful mother-daughter duo Joanne and Anastasia with their stylish and sophisticated matching outfits. Image: Getty Images

Cowboys In Crimson

There were some very cute looks on the runway today, but Bronx and Bear Tamou absolutely stole our hearts with their shiny suits and gorgeous cowboy hats!

Bronx has absolutely NAILED his 'stare longingly into the distance' look. Image: Getty Images
I am a PUDDLE. LOOK AT THESE TWO! Image: Getty Images

Pint-Sized Champions

The Junior Boys and Junior Girls Racewear Fashions On The Field were both tight races, but the two winners -- Gilbert Hutchins and Charlotte Sutter -- took out the top spot in their respective divisions.

Their sashes are almost longer than they are, we can't handle it! Image: Getty Images

Charlotte told 10 reporter Nat Hunter that while she loves her trench dress, her shoes are her favourite part of the outfit.


The Hutchins Clean Sweep!

The MYER Fashions On The Field is open to anyone and everyone who wants to strut their stuff on the purple carpet. With such a huge field of entrants, it's seriously impressive these two brothers managed to take out both the Junior and Senior Boys Racewear competitions!

Gilbert and Henry Hutchins were both styled by their grandmother Jenny for the event.

This is one extremely stylish family. Image: Getty Images

It's A Walk Off!

Okay, so really it was a dance-off, but these kids were not afraid to bust a move on the runway.

It's A Dance Off At MYER Fashions On The Field