The Day Sandra Sully Fell From A Horse, Just Before She Read The News

She was bleeding and bruised. But she's tough, our Sandra...

The latest episode of the podcast Short Black with Sandra Sully has a twist.

In the series, Sandra has interviewed fascinating women from all walks of life. For example, in her podcast with Gai Waterhouse, Gai recounted how she took on the entire racing establishment in court -- and didn't just win, but taught it a lesson.

Melbourne Cup Carnival


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But in this episode, it's Sandra being interviewed by her own producer, Ali Aitken (who did a ripper job).

You can listen to it here. In fact we insist.

Our favourite part is where Sandra tells a great yarn about the day she was riding a horse before reading the 5pm news bulletin, when a rogue chip packet blew by in the wind and upended her horse. And her day. We'll get to that in a minute...

Interestingly, Sandra wasn't originally much of a horsey person.

"I was quite scared of them, actually," she says in the podcast. "I had no real appreciation of horses and I didn't understand racing. It's a jargonistic business."

But Network 10 had the Melbourne Cup Carnival for many years (before a rival network got it, and 10 now has the rights for the next five years). And during that time, Sandra learned everything about the game and came to love it.

She even got up close and personal with 1992 Melbourne Cup winner Subzero back in the day.

Melbourne Cup Carnival


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Sandra eventually became a horse owner. But above all, she is now a racing enthusiast, who even made it over to the races at Royal Ascot this year.

Along the way, she learned to ride horses. That was a key part of her transformation from non-horsey person to horsey-person, who's now so mad for the sport, her dressing room is adorned with Roy Higgins' silks from his 1965 Melbourne Cup win on Light Fingers.

But riding wasn't always such a smooth exercise.

"I had a bit of an incident at Centennial park when I was thrown from a horse before I came in to read the late news," she reveals in the podcast.

"I had this horse, Maddie, and we were literally just going for a walk around Centennial Park. We pulled up and I was rubbing her neck, and she was just sort of sniffing the dirt, when a chip packet flipped onto her nose in a wind gust.

Melbourne Cup Carnival


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"She reared up so quickly that the top of her head clipped me directly under the nose and threw my head back. I got off and there was a little bit of blood coming out of my nose.

"I walked back with an ice pack on my face, jumped the cab and came to work, and quietly told the make-up team to keep an eye on me.

"Mildly concussed, reading late news. Don't tell anyone!"

Your secret's safe with us, Sandra. Sorta.

You can hear the rest of this story and plenty more on Sandra's Short Black podcast here.