We Vow And Declare You'll Love The Story Behind The Melbourne Cup Winner's Name

Look at this picture of Vow And Declare as a yearling. Just look at it.

You just want to throw your arms around the future Lexus Melbourne Cup winner's neck and give him a great, big cuddle, don't you?

Hi, I like hay, frolicking about, and growing up to win $4.4 million in prize money. Image: Getty.

We captured the still image above from an excellent video which Vow and Declare's trainer Danny O'Brien put out this morning.

It really is terrific stuff, showing the young stayer winning his first race, and progressing all the way to the Melbourne Cup. Plus lots of shots of him as a yearling. Enjoy, and then we'll tell you how the horse got his name.

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So this morning, Danny O'Brien explained all on Studio 10 (you can watch his full interview in the video at the top of this story).

It all started when this Aussie-bred horse was passed-in at auction for $45,000 as a yearling. With no buyers out there, his breeder, Paul Lanskey formed a syndicate -- roping in a collection of owners from Gympie, QLD, as well as an owner or two from NSW, as well as a couple of Danny O'Brien's Victorian clients.

As O'Brien revealed, Lanskey named the horse after his dad, who would often vanish to the pub, then come home and say "I vow and declare I only had six beers".

Lanskey's dad passed away a few years ago. But in a bittersweet twist, Melbourne Cup day was his birthday. And the horse named after his favourite saying won the most famous race in Australia. You seriously couldn't write a better script.

Vow And Declare Wins The 2019 Lexus Melbourne Cup

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Meanwhile, O'Brien revealed on Studio 10 that Vow And Declare is a very, very laid back kind of horse, who will be having a nice day off on Wednesday, then a trip to the beach for a little R and R on Thursday.

And in the future? We can't be sure, but the horse is a gelding (as in, he's had the chop). So he'll very likely race on, because he's only four years old, and he's obviously not heading to the breeding barn any time soon. Or ever.

And while O'Brien and the owners of Vow and Declare rejoice, Aussie sports fans can share a little joy with them.

Melbourne Cup Carnival on 10 and 10 play
Vow And Declare smiles because he knows he's good. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

"We didn't have numbers on our side but fortunately we got them beat yesterday," O'Brien said of the huge contingent of overseas horses in the Cup this year.

"The owners are a group of Aussies who got together and raced a cheap horse and now he's a Melbourne Cup winner," he said.

And we hereby vow and declare that the winner will surely have a cult following, every time he sets hoof on a racetrack from this day forth.

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