Is Melbourne Cup Second Favourite Mer De Glace A French Swear Word?

This could be totally innocent. And then again, it might just be the cheekiest horse name in years

Mer De Glace is second favourite in today's Lexus Melbourne Cup. He's a really strong Japanese stayer who has won his last six starts, including the Caulfeld Cup at his only Australian start two weeks ago.

Like many racehorses, his name is partially derived from his parents. His sire (dad) was a Japanese stallion named Glacier Blue, and "glace" means ice in French. Indeed, his whole name means "Sea Of Ice".

So what's wrong with that? Ah, well here's the thing.

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Possibly named after poop. Doesn't run like it. Image: Getty.

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If you take the first five letters of his name, as in the "Mer De" bit, these are the letters that spell the word for poop in French, which is "merde".

Indeed, when you say the name quickly, it sounds a lot like "Merde Glass".

This doesn't necessarily work when Aussie race callers say the name, because we've tended to pronounce it "murder glass", rather than the true prononciation which is more like "mare de glass".

But trust us, if you say it with a French accent, it sounds more than a little naughty.

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So is the name a deliberately cheeky ploy by the people who named the horse? Quite possibly.

Racing authorities around the world have strict rules about what you can and can't name a horse. These people are not ignorant. Try naming a horse "Hoof Hearted" and see how you go.

Occasionally, some get through. There was a horse running around in Victoria last year called "Near Queue". Why is that naughty? Because a near queue is the opposite of a far queue, that's why. As in a faaaaar queue. Think about it.

So maybe this is a win for toilet humour and maybe it's not. You judge.

Anyway good luck and good punting today. Most people reckon Mer De Glace is a top chance in the Cup today, although others believe it will indeed perform like poop over the gruelling 3200m Melbourne Cup distance.