Some People Are Really Struggling With The Men's Fashions On The Field Winners

Fashionable or just weird?

These three exquisitely dapper gentlemen were the winners of MYER Fashions On The Field at AAMI Victoria Derby Day on Saturday, and let's just say that racing folk are struggling a little to appreciate their sartorial splendour.

The lack of socks is causing particular concern to those accustomed to two visible layers of footwear.

Man, that really socks. Image: VRC

Why no socks? It's been fashionable for a few years now, but many people remain confused about this look.

The bloke in the middle is causing particular issues. Many are likening him to an undertaker.

Or even Willy Wonka.

Or pretty much anyone of a generally weird fictional nature.

Here at the 10 daily sports desk, we know approximately as much about fashion as Calvin Klein knows about racing form. So we called in an expert.

Rhiannan Atchinson is a Network 10 stylist who works in our wardrobe department dressing everyone from Roz Kelly to Kate Peck and Matt Burke.

So we asked Rhiannan her to help us interpret this image. The stylist's verdict?

"I don’t mind the guy on the left. He looks the best of the three. The double-breasted suit is good and it fits well," she said.

"I don't mind the guy on the right either. He's' very 'three blind mice' with the glasses and the cane.

"As for the guy in the middle, I don't really know where to start. He's a mix between chauffeur driver and undertaker. There are too many factors going on.

"But he does get marks from me for originality, and that is one of the criteria. Also his hair is good. I mean, kind of bad, but good-bad."

So there you have it. Maybe racing people just don't like these guys because they don't get them. Or could it be that they're jealous???????

For the record, the Fashions on the Field entrants are assessed by a panel of experts, who look at:

  • Style and originality.
  • Appropriateness of the outfit for the Melbourne Cup Carnival and the individual.
  • Attention to detail with accessories (eg. hat, lapel flower etc.).
  • Understanding and interpretation of the current fashion trends.
  • Grooming and deportment.
  • Suitability of the outfit for the race day.