Please Enjoy The Loosest Melbourne Cup Photos Of All Time

Ah, a nice civilised day at the races.

A bet or two, in moderation of course. Everything in moderation. Well, that's the theory anyway.

Sometimes things end up like this.

Heels and beer puddles. Not a good combo. Image: Getty

Or this.

This was not the crowning glory of her day. Image: Getty

Melbourne Cup Carnival


The Ultimate Melbourne Cup Hangover Photos Of 2019

The race that stops a nation may be over, but hangover day delivers some pretty entertaining pics.

Or this, because let's face it, it's not fair that the jockeys are the only ones who get to ride things.

Now, this is what we call trashed. Image: Getty

Although this might be taking the riding thing a bit far.

Hello police, I'd like to report an idiot. Image: Getty

This too.

Hey mate, stop squeezing my quinella! Image: Getty

Melbourne Cup Carnival


We Vow And Declare You'll Love The Story Behind The Melbourne Cup Winner's Name

Look at this picture of Vow And Declare as a yearling. Just look at it.

Love is often in the air after a long Cup day.

Missed her lips by THAT much. Image: Getty

And love is a beautiful thing.

He's holding her purse so she can hold him. Total pro move, bro. Image: Getty



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If you're really dedicated to love, you won't care at all that a race is in progress.

Hey who came first ... in the race? Image: Getty

Or that the races were over like three hours ago.

The sign behind them says "No Pashing". Image: Getty

Sleep is good too. Sleep makes you refreshed, just like the drinks did, but in a different way.

She put all her money on zzzzzzzzzz in the last race. Image: Getty

Some even manage to sleep standing up ... just like a horse!

How do you actually do this? Image: Getty

While some smooch and others sleep, many racegoers just end up feeling a little dazed and confused.

Dude, you can probably put that umbrella down now. Not sure it's helping.  Image: Getty


We have no idea what this woman is doing. Image: Getty

At the end of the day, a day at the races is meant to be fun. So if you do end up pushing someone into the bushes...

They're hedging their bets. Image: Getty

At least make sure the person being pushed wants to be there.

Melbourne Cup Carnival


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