14 Melbourne Cup Looks From The Noughties We'd Like To Bring Back

It was a brief, beautiful moment in fashion history where people took real risks with their wardrobes.

While the '70s were all about flares, the '80s had shoulder pads and the '90s were chockers with bucket hats, the early 2000s had rimless sunglasses, giant studded belts and Terry Towelling tracksuits.

The Melbourne Cup Carnival has always been home to some daring style moments (like Jean Shrimpton's scandalous shift dress in 1965) but the Fashions on the Field for the first few years of the Millenium hold a very special place in our hearts.

Please enjoy these exquisite moments in history as we present to you some of the most iconic outfits to ever hit Flemington Racecourse:

Tara Moss And Rachel Griffiths, 2004
(Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

2004 was the year that Anastasia's "Left Outside Alone" ruled the charts and led everyone to rush out and buy colourful, lightly tinted rimless sunnies.

Tara Moss and Rachel Griffiths got the fashion memo and elevated their Anastasia-inspired looks with giant sun-smart hats and floaty gowns.

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Two truly stellar Melbourne Cup looks that we really hope make a comeback at this year's Carnival.

Jemma Gawned, 2003
(Photo by Regis Martin/Getty Images).

Remember the lip-gloss loving Jemma from the first season of 'Big Brother'? She made this stunning appearance at the 2003 Crown Oaks Day nailing several elements of early 00's fashion.

From her silk headscarf to her hoop earrings, a revealing Terry Towelling jumpsuit and a white leather clutch, the reality star us some serious 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle' vibes.

Courtney Act, 2003
(Photo by Regis Martin/Getty Images).

Has Courtney Act ever put a foot wrong? Absolutely not.

While our 'Dancing With The Stars' runner-up served plenty of fabulous looks this season, this photo is a reminder that she's had a consistently elegant wardrobe since at least 2003.

We're very into the pearls, the lip-liner and the pencil-thin, Edith Piaf-esque eyebrows.

Blair McDonough, 2002
(Photo by Regis Martin/Getty Images)

Blair burst onto our screens during the first season of 'Big Brother' and was runner up on the reality competition way back in 2001.

He then went on to play Stuart Parker on 'Neighbours' and cemented his spot as an early '00s hunk with that pushed back hair, striking sunglasses, leather necklace AND that iconic flavour saver at the 2002 Cup.

Bec Hewitt, 2006

(Photo by Paul McConnell/Getty Images)

We'd like to think that Bec Hewitt's Derby Day look from the 2006 Melbourne Cup Carnival was inspired by the 'Mean Girls' scene where Regina George unwittingly starts a fashion trend with her cut-up tank top.

With a creative use of fabric shapes, some ambiguous yet comfy shorts, and strappy sandals, we're all about Bec's race day look.

Hamish and Andy With Jess and Lisa Origliasso, 2007
(Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images)

Too many legends in one Melbourne Cup photo! Baby-faced Hamish Blake and Andy Lee with The Veronicas (aka Jess and Lisa Origliasso), who somehow look like they haven't aged a day since then.

The real winner of this blessed image from 2007, though, is Hamish with his flat-ironed hair and era-appropriate sunglasses.

Kate Waterhouse, 2003
(Photo by Regis Martin/Getty Images)

Derby Day has always been a traditionally monochrome affair but it was extra fun in the early 2000s because of all the bonkers accessories that were around.

Racing royalty Kate Waterhouse is the perfect example in this 2003 outfit that showcases the era's love of corsets, belts, long black gloves and extra jaunty hats.

Vanessa Amorosi, 2007

Absolutely everybody should be into this Cup outfit from our early 2000s queen, Vanessa Amorosi.

The iconic pop singer went for a look that matched her voice -- loud -- with a gigantic hat, tiny belt and ferocious animal print clutch. We're big fans.

(Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images)
Paris And Nicky Hilton

Saving the best until last,  we have the year Paris and Nicky graced the Melbourne Cup with fashions that the field will never, ever forget.

It was 'The Simple Life' meets spring racing with a healthy dose of pastels, silk and giant watches.

(Photo by Regis Martin/Getty Images)

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