Horse Trainer Darren Weir Disqualified For Four Years

One of the most celebrated careers in racing has come crashing down, with the Melbourne Cup-winning trainer banned by racing authorities.

Darren Weir has been disqualified for four years for possession of "jiggers" at a Racing Disciplinary Board (RAD) hearing.

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At the hearing, Judge John Bowman said: "It is sad it has come to this. You are a 48-year-old man who has completed a rags to riches rise in the racing world.

"Until a week ago, you could be described as a leviathan trainer…with hundreds of horses, owners that number in the thousands, with a staff of 150.

"You rose from the depths of the Mallee to be Australia’s leading trainer. All of this makes your fall even sadder.

"Now you will be remembered for possessing instruments of cruelty and implements associated with a high level of cheating."

Earlier today, one of racing's biggest scandals just deepened when it was revealed that more "jiggers" had been found, this time in the master bedroom of horse trainer Darren Weir.

Weir, 48,  was last week arrested and later charged over electronic devices found in his stable .

It has now been revealed in a police report submitted to a Racing and Disciplinary Board (RAD) hearing that jiggers were also found in his home -- specifically, in his bedroom.

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Before today's ruling, many owners who had their horses trained with Weird had already moved them to other stables. That exodus will now continue.

Until this scandal broke, Weir ran the biggest stable in the country with more than 600 horses on the books and dozens of staff at two locations in Victoria.

His biggest win came in the 2015 Melbourne Cup when 100-1 chance Prince Of Penzance claimed a famous victory for jockey Michelle Payne.

Weir was the man who insisted Payne keep the ride when some owners wanted her replaced by a male jockey.

More to come.