The Saddest, Happiest, Luckiest, First-Time Horse Owner At Flemington

This is what racing's all about.

You know what's really great about Australian horse racing? It's that anyone can own a horse.

In other countries, wealthy people own the majority of racehorses. Here, plenty of our horses are owned by the rich, but we also tend to syndicate a lot more horses -- where groups of average people own small shares in a horse together.

That's how a first-time horse owner just had the most unbelievable afternoon at Flemington after his horse won the Victoria Derby.

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For the record, Extra Brut won the Derby with a strong burst down the outside of the Flemington track. It started at odds of $11 and beat Stars of Carrum and Chapada.

But the real story of the race came afterwards, when part-owner Dan Clohessy gave an incredibly emotional interview to Channel 7.

"We won the Derby!" the curly-haired Clohessy said, and loudly too.

Then he said it again, and a few times after that.

Between bemused, half-believing exclamations, Clohessy explained that his dad had never owned a horse before.

"It’s the first horse that he has ever owned, and my dad has brought us more luck than anyone in the world.

"I love him so much, and we were so happy to have a runner and we won the Derby, it’s unbelievable!"

Clohessy's dad tried to say something at this point but he was a bit too choked up to mutter anything audible to the TV audience. The look on his face said it all, anyway.

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Image: Seven Network

"Here we are Dad, I told you we’d win," the younger Clohessy said.

And then they hugged. And the world felt like a slightly sweeter place.

"We must never lose this in Australian racing, it’s so important," TV commentator and racehorse trainer Richard Freeman said.

Who could argue when the Victoria Derby just delivered a fantastic story which plays to the very heart of Australian egalitarianism?

Featured image: Seven Network.