Firefighters Called After Pomeranian Puppy Got Stuck In A Couch

A cheeky Pomeranian has been involved in an unusual rescue by a Sydney fire crew after the puppy got stuck inside a couch.

The pup named Bear was being looked after by his owner's nan last month when he somehow got himself trapped inside a recliner.

After owner Jessie Smith got the call at work, she called NSW Fire and Rescue who took about an hour to save Bear in a delicate rescue operation.

Crews took their time to make sure the little pup didn't get impaled.

A delicate rescue operation. Image: Supplied/10 News First

"When we arrived you could hear the dog, but you couldn't see the dog," Dee Why firefighter Chris Dawtrey told 10 News First.

Dawtrey said Bear was pretty upset when the crews arrived with one of the firefighters having to wear some "very thick gloves" to stop his fingers from getting chewed.

Thankfully Bear was rescued safely after the crew pulled the couch apart before the 10-week-old pup was taken to the vet for treatment.

Bear under the couch. Image: Supplied/10 News First

While it's no cat stuck in a tree, Dawtrey said that in their line of work there was "something new every day".

"We didn't know what to expect and we were concerned when we heard what was happening, so it was certainly something different," he said.

"Just add another one to the list," he joked.

"Bushfires and now dogs in couches!"

Bear's saviour Chris Dawtrey. Image: 10 News First

Smith said the ordeal was traumatic both for Bear and for her but said her little pup had recovered well.

"He's great now, he's bouncing," Jessie told 10 News First.

"Being a brat as usual -- but he's good!"

Image: Supplied/10 News First

Bear now has a bit of furniture phobia ... it's certainly one way to keep the pooch off the couch.