Former Cop Facing Years In Jail For Rape And Blackmail Of Women

A former Sydney police officer who raped, blackmailed, stalked and terrorised 15 victims for up to a decade, has been told he’ll spend years in jail.

Vaughan Hilderbrand pleaded guilty to 44 offences against more than a dozen women including a schoolgirl and female police officers.

Four of those he blackmailed and repeatedly raped.

The 31-year-old used fake social media accounts and different identities to gather explicit images of the woman before threatening to expose them to family, friends, partners or colleagues if victims didn’t perform sexual favours.

One victim, identified as BB, was just 17 and at high school when Hildebrand targeted her, then continued to haunt her for a decade.

“He was only 18 but was already acting in a callous way, he was supposed to be her friend," Judge Robyn Tupman said.

Hilderbrand began harassing women in 2006 and didn’t stop even after becoming a police officer in 2011.

“His behaviour became more bizarre and menacing he frequently texted her sometimes hundreds of times a day,”  Tupman continued.

He used his position at Sydney’s Day Street police station to access sensitive information and abuse fellow female officers.

On Thursday, the courtroom was packed with Hilderbrand’s victims and the officers who spent years building a case against one of their own. Not once did he look any of them in the eye, instead spending most of the day staring into his lap.

Hilderbrand has been in protective custody since his arrest and more recently in solitary confinement. He’ll find out just how long he’ll spend in jail when the judge finishes sentencing him on Friday.