CCTV Shows Shopping Centre Security Guard Taking Toddler Into Stairwell For Sex Act

EXCLUSIVE: 10 News First has obtained footage of a security guard who took a Sydney toddler into a shopping centre stairwell and exposed himself while the child's family was doing Christmas shopping.

In December 2016, Mohammad Hassan Al Bayati took the three-year-old girl from the DFO shopping centre playground at Homebush while her mum was shopping.

The then 29-year-old masturbated in front of the girl for about 11 minutes in a secluded area.

Al Bayati admitted taking the girl into the stairwell but claimed he was trying to find her mum, later suggesting the girl was looking for a cockroach.

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He was found guilty in May this year, on several charges including indecent assault and detaining a with intent to obtain advantage. An earlier trial was unable to reach a verdict.

Al Bayati's barrister said there was not much evidence about precisely the way in which the girl was assaulted, and the DNA found on the girl, suggests any touching didn't last long.

On Friday afternoon, Downing Centre Local Courts released footage of the moments before the attack.

Al Bayati outside court in 2018 IMAGE: AAP

In a victim impact statement, the girl's family told the court, "our peaceful family life was destroyed and never to be the same again".

The family said they were proud that "she was able to tell police" what happened.

Her mother said her family were "in shock for several weeks" and that she had recurrent nightmares and separation anxiety.

The Crown said the girl thought Al Bayati was a policeman.

The family is now trying to teach the young victim that "not every man in uniform is a predator".

Al Bayati outside court in 2018 IMAGE: AAP

Al Bayati's denial of any wrongdoing was a focus of the Crown's sentencing submissions on Friday.

They say the former security guard was given multiple opportunities to explain what he was doing in the stairwell with the child but he had no answer at all.

Al Bayati remains in custody ahead of being sentenced on August 27.