Young Boys Had To Cancel Their Birthday Parties, So Neighbours Stepped In

A community in Perth hasn't let new social distancing measures dampen the spirits of two young boys who were forced to cancel their birthday parties this weekend due to coronavirus.

Little Louie turned three years old on Saturday.

Earlier this week, his parents reached out to the community asking whether anyone could drive past their Palmyra home and celebrate his special day -- from a safe distance.

But the turnout was not what the family expected.

More than 50 cars, including a local garbage truck, drove past the family's home as people waved, sang and cheered on Louie for his birthday.

Louie and mum Jessica waving to all their friends. Image: 10 News First

Mum Jessica Peek had told the community Louie's favourite things were trucks and dogs and that his favourite song was 'Black Betty'.

On Saturday, the song blasted from cars that drove past, while some people held hand-made signs and balloons out the window wishing Louie a happy birthday.

But Jessica told 10 News First there was one thing Louie loved most --  the puppies that also joined in on the drive-by festivities.

Some well-wishers even painted birthday messages on their cars. Image: 10 News First.

Jessica said she didn't expect so many people to show up after putting the call-out on a local community Facebook group on Monday.

"I didn't expect a huge train of cars," she said.

I've always had faith in humanity. Humanity is awesome.

Dad Nathan Peek said the convoy of cars just got bigger and bigger throughout the morning.

"More people told more people and then they blocked the whole street, so that's pretty cool," he told 10 News First.

"[Louie is] just as stoked of all these cars coming past with all these dogs and waving as he would be with presents."

Local dogs also joined in on the fun. Image: 10 News First.

But Louie wasn't the only birthday boy getting an extra special celebration.

Just up the road, eight-year-old Alby was also planning on having his birthday party on Saturday, but had to cancel because of the new social distancing restrictions.

Alby had to cancel his big birthday party but the local community turned out to cheer him up. Image: 10 News First

After driving past Louie's place, the convoy of cars continued up the road to wish Alby a happy birthday as well.

Mum Alex Farrington said the family hadn't planned the drive-by at all.

Image: 10 News First

"Other people have arranged it for us, which is beautiful," she said.

She said community spirit was extremely important.

Locals cheered "Happy Birthday Alby" from their cars. Image: 10 News First.

"It just lifts everybody's spirits and makes you feel like you're supported."

'It was amazing, I didn't expect so many people and all the decorations on the cars and things."