Pet Owner Issues Plea After Shadow The Cat Shot With An Arrow

An Aussie pet owner is searching for answers after his pet cat was shot with an arrow and couldn't be saved.

Daniel Rubick said he returned to his home in Port Kennedy, WA, on Monday to find his one-year-old cat Shadow crying at the door.

“I let him in, and he was bleeding from the chest. I thought he’d been hit by a car,” Rubick said.

“But when I took him to the vet, the veterinarian said I needed to come and look at the X-ray. There was half an arrow in his body.”

Shadow the cat. Image: Supplied

Rubick said he suspected that whoever was responsible may have shot Shadow and later tried to get the arrow from the cat's body.

Sadly the arrow went through Shadow's chest and he had to be put to sleep.

“Today at around 4pm somebody killed our cat with a bow and arrow in the Port Kennedy area,” Rubick claimed on Facebook.

“He was still alive and bleeding at the back door. It’s hard to comprehend what sort of person would do this."

The arrow went through Shadow’s chest. Image: Supplied

RSPCA WA said these types of attacks are not uncommon.

“Last year, RSPCA WA received over 500 reports about intentional acts of cruelty towards animals," the animal welfare organisation said.

"This was up 31 per cent on 2018 and included reports of animals being beaten, wounded and poisoned.

“In the past three years, there have been three other well-publicised cases of cats shot with arrows in Perth’s outer suburbs. In all three of those cases, the cats thankfully survived their ordeal. It is heartbreaking to hear that this cat couldn’t be saved."



RSPCA Issues Urgent Heat Warning After Dog Dies In Backyard

The RSPCA has issued an urgent plea to pet owners to make sure their animals have enough water and shade to survive the heat after a dog was found dead in South Australia.

The RSPCA encourages cat owners to keep their pets indoors.

"There is absolutely no excuse for causing deliberate harm to an animal. Animal Cruelty is a serious criminal offence and those found guilty face a maximum penalty of $50,000 fine or five years in prison.

“People who live in the Port Kennedy area should keep an eye on their pets, keep them indoors where possible, and remain vigilant, as we don't want this happening to other animals."

The RSPCA WA Cruelty Hotline is 1300 CRUELTY (1300 278 3587).