Man Fears Someone Is Hitting Flaming Golf Balls Into His Yard

A Perth resident has claimed 'a d**khead' is setting fire to golf balls and hitting them into his backyard, as his suburb struggles to deal with the threat of bushfires.

Baldivis resident Nick Davidson shared an image of three melted golf balls on Facebook, fearing "someone lit them on fire and hit them" into his yard.

“There’s a d**khead hitting golf balls that are on fire into dry properties,” Davidson claimed.

“We are on a big dry block, Baldivis area. Found three already. Check your property regularly people.”

The Baldivis resident claimed he found burnt golf balls in his backyard, fearing the worst. Image: Facebook

Some people were quick to question whether the golf balls had been on Davidson's property before a previous fire. However, Davidson wrote he did not believe this was the case.

Erin Pogmore


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“We walk the whole property every morning and night with kids and dogs … they were not there yesterday,” he responded to questions on Facebook.

The claim comes days after a bushfire started near the Kwinana Freeway in Baldivis and spread quickly. It burned through paddocks and rural properties.

Davidson did not wish to comment on the matter further when contacted by 10 daily.

WA police and the Department of Emergency Services have also been approached for comment.