12-Year-Old Boy Who Tried To Flee Bushfire In Ute Rescued By Police

Police have helped rescue a 12-year-old boy and his dog from a fire that ripped through an outback town in Western Australia.

The fast-moving fire threatened lives and homes in the small Wheatbelt town of Mogumber, north of Perth, on Sunday afternoon.

While his parents were out fighting the blaze to protect their property, Luke Sturrock rounded up his dog, jumped in the family ute and attempted to drive to safety.

The fast-moving fire threatened lives and homes in the small Wheatbelt town of Mogumber on Sunday afternoon. Image: WA Police

Luckily he was stopped by firefighters, who helped him get the Ford Ranger to police, who had set up a roadblock nearby.

But the group weren’t out of danger yet.

Sergeant Michael Daley from Dalwallinu Police was on the scene and told 10 daily the fire quickly caught up with them.

“The boy was distressed, he was really panicking. You could see the flames coming towards us,” he said.

“The fire came down on us and we had to move to Gillingarra (the closest town).”



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Luke was eventually reunited with his father Ivan.

“It’s a good story because he (Luke) did the right thing to get himself out of danger," Sergeant Daley said.

“It was a team effort… us and the firies.”

After the blaze calmed down Dalwallinu Police took to social media to share the good news.

Luke tried to flee to safety in his family's ute. Image: WA Police

“Dalwallinu Officer S/C SMITH saved this 12-year-old who was driving across paddocks to escape the fire in Mogumber,” the station posted.

“He has been reunited with family and is safe and well.”