Woman Allegedly Caught Stealing Christmas Decoration From Yard In Grinch-Like Move

CCTV has captured the moment a woman appears to steal a Christmas decoration from a Perth yard.

The incident allegedly occurred in Ellenbrook, a suburb in Perth’s north, on Sunday afternoon.

“Such a low act, when you have to steal Christmas decorations out of someone else’s front yard,” the caption that was shared with the video claimed.

The video claims to show a woman casually walking up to decorations on display in the front yard of a home.

The woman was allegedly caught on CCTV taking a Christmas decoration from a yard that wasn't her own, in a Grinch-like move. Image: Facebook

She then appears to pick one of the decorations up and walks off with it.

The video has attracted a number of comments.

“Some people. Great Christmas spirit. How about you return it and go buy your own,” one person wrote.

“She’s just so casual about it. Disgusting,” another claimed.

10 daily has reached out to the woman who posted the video, and police for comment.



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