Shopping Centre Refuses To Serve Kids During School Hours To Stop Them From Skipping Class

A WA shopping centre has been flooded with praise for refusing to serve kids during school hours, with parents saying if students 'can't get Maccas' it might keep them in class.

Yanchep Shopping Centre, north of Perth, is working with WA Police and the education department to keep kids in school.

Shops in the centre have agreed to refuse service to school-aged children without a parent present between the hours of 8.30am and 3pm weekdays.

There are exceptions – students on work experience, on pupil free days, students accompanied by a parent, students approved to work and TAFE approved students.

The program aims to reduce truancy levels by discouraging students from going to shopping centres during school hours.

Participating businesses are provided with Keeping Kids in School signage. Image: WA Police

Joondalup Police announced the new rule via their Facebook page and it was met with plenty of praise from parents.

“Get on board people! Yanchep SC needs all the help they can get keeping the kids at school. At least they are being proactive and trying to improve the situation. If they can't be served at the shops or Maccas it might keep them in class,” one person commented.

“Extend it to all the schools. Kids roaming in streets during school hours in school uniform is something I can't understand,” said another.

Yanchep Shopping Centre is taking action to keep kids in school. Image: WA Police

There were also calls for police to roll out the campaign at more shopping centres in the west.

A woman who works in the centre welcomed the initiative and said it was supported by all shops.

“There are lots of kids just walking around, some on their bikes, some on their skateboards … but stealing is the main issue,” she claimed.

“Obviously it doesn’t go for every school kid, but we all support the campaign.”

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, believes the campaign will help with stealing, but said more needs to be done to deter kids from skipping class.

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If a kid wants to leave school, they’re going to leave. Nothing is going to stop them … kids will be kids.

Yanchep Shopping Centre is helping to keep kids in school. Image: Facebook

10daily has contacted WA Police and Yanchep Shopping Centre for comment.