Passengers Terrified After Dead Snake Left On Perth Bus In 'Cruel Prank'

WARNING, GRAPHIC: A Perth snake catcher has slammed a cruel person who left a dead snake on a city bus after it frightened an elderly woman and caused public transport delays.

Passengers were evacuated from a bus at Cannington train Station, in the city’s south-east about 5pm on Monday after the woman made the shocking discovery.

But when Justin Hanley from Gosnells Reptile Removal arrived, he noticed the venomous dugite was already dead and had ‘puncture wounds’ – leaving him to believe the animal had been placed on the bus seat as a sick joke.

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A dead snake was allegedly placed on a Perth bus as a joke. Image: Facebook

“Someone took a dead snake onto the bus and planted it there,” he told 10 daily.

“It would be almost impossible to get on a Transperth bus with a live snake.”

Hanley said it was bad enough the snake had been killed, let alone used as a joke. He took to Facebook to vent his frustration.

“I will get to every call I can and during these months I am flat out typically sacrificing family time to provide this service and save as much wildlife as possible and I will continue to do so till I am an old man and unable, but your ‘practical joke’ has taken up precious time with my kids and wife just for a laugh," he wrote.

The snake was identified as a dangerous dugite. Image: Getty

“You shut this bus down and passengers had to leave and be interrupted. Transperth officers had to stay with the bus for the hour it took me to get there wasting wages and time.

“The fact it was killed and then use as a joke is just evil.”

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Speaking to 10 daily, Transperth confirmed the incident and said it was not being investigated further.

10 daily has contacted RSPCA WA for comment.

Image: Facebook

The shocking incident comes just three days after a man allegedly ripped the head off a kookaburra at the Parkerville Tavern, east of Perth.

But in a cruel twist, the accused in that case may not be prosecuted under current laws.

Kevin the kookaburra, allegedly killed at the Parkerville Tavern in WA. Image: Facebook

On Monday Environment Minister Stephen Dawson said a review of the Animal Welfare Act was underway.

“If the allegations are true, this is a despicable act. The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) and WA Police are conducting a joint investigation into the incident,” he said of the kookaburra case.

“The State Government currently has a review of the Animal Welfare Act underway, with an independent panel due to provide advice to the Agriculture Minister next year."

“Cases like this will be examined as part of the review.”