Op Shop Auctioning Giant 'Beer Throne' Made From Emu Export Cans

A throne of arguably Western Australia’s greatest export – Emu Export – is up for auction, after the masterpiece was built by a group of blokes for their mate who was battling cancer.

A Perth second-hand furniture shop is auctioning off the majestic ‘bush chook throne’ - and all the proceeds from the sale will go to the Cancer Council.

The masterpiece was originally built by a group of friends for their mate who was diagnosed with cancer.

The majestic beer throne in full glory. Image: Facebook

“After receiving an overwhelming amount of interest online, we’ve decided the iconic ‘Bush Chook Throne’ will go to auction, with all proceeds being donated to the Cancer Council Western Australia,” Second Hand Rose declared on Facebook on Thursday.

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The current bid for the Emu Export throne stands at a mere $400.

The op shop will also be giving away a block of Emu in a bid to spread the word about the auction.

The shop's post about the auction included some stunning images of the throne – fit for a beer-loving king.

Are you the king of beers fit for this throne? Image: Facebook

“A noble cause in its own unique way. Highly commendable and funny to boot,” one person commented on the post.

“Okay so all money going to charity makes this somewhat tempting,” said another.