Perth Father Who Stabbed Ex-Partner To Death At Courthouse Jailed For Life

WARNING, GRAPHIC: Paul Gary Turner stabbed Sarah Marie Thomas three times in the neck, using lethal commando weapons techniques, during a mediation session at a Perth court.

Turner, 43, stabbed his 33-year-old ex-partner a total of six times, in the attack at the Joondalup Justice Complex on December 20, 2016.

One of the stabs cut the mother-of-two's carotid artery, which killed her within seconds.

Sarah Marie Thomas died following the attack at a WA courthouse. Image: Facebook.

She also suffered a slash across her left index finger, which a forensic pathologist described as a typical defensive wound.

Administration worker Crystal Sudholz told Turner's Supreme Court trial she heard muffled yelling, then a "horror movie scream" before the registrar ran out of the conference room, shouting for security and an ambulance.

The prosecution claimed Turner chose a public location to carry out the violent act.

It left court staff traumatised, one who has been unable to return to work since.

Turner has been sentenced to life in jail with a 24-year minimum.

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