Perth Water Park Bans ‘Cheeky Swimwear’ Ahead Of Summer

Perth’s most popular waterpark says it doesn’t want to see your butt at the pool this year, as it cracks down on what bathers they are willing to permit to swim.

To prepare for the Summer swim season, Adventure World took to Facebook on Thursday to warn patrons they must wear "appropriate swimwear".

“Adventure World is a family-friendly park, please choose appropriate swimwear when visiting,” the water park wrote.

The park's warning to patrons. Image: Facebook

The comment was accompanied by a picture (above) showing patrons what they can and cannot wear to the park.

The announcement attracted a number of comments from bathers on Thursday afternoon.

Image: Facebook

“Really? REALLY? It’s 2019. It’s just a butt. God forbid children know that all humans have bottoms,” one person wrote.

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“Thank God! I'm all for showing off a great body! But I was rather put off taking my children back when there were female butts everywhere,” said another.

In response to the update Adventure World said: "Thanks everyone for your comments – clearly this is a topic that has prompted a significant amount of discussion.

"Let’s not confuse the issue. This update is about dress standards and dress standards only. It is not gender specific.

"Adventure World is a family friendly theme park. We keep informed of industry trends and whilst this was not a decision taken lightly, it is in line with other parks nationwide. To those who have taken offence, we apologise.

"We are not the first park in Australia to update their dress standards on this subject, nor are we the only venue in WA that has addressed the matter with a similar policy. As a family friendly venue, we feel it is appropriate."