Someone Painted A Fake Pedestrian Crossing On Busy Road

A vigilante pedestrian safety advocate has taken matters into their own hands, painting a zebra crossing on a busy street -- and it's been praised as "exceptional" work.

City of Rockingham Councillor Matt Whitfield posted a picture of the crosswalk to his Facebook page on Monday.

“You will perhaps have noticed that there is a new 'pedestrian crossing' on Makybe Drive between Delta Road and Phar Lap Parade, this 'appeared' over the weekend,” he wrote.

Image: Supplied

“This is not approved by the City or Main Roads, and it is not a legal crossing. This is not a supervised crossing and it does not comply with any safety standards.”

Speaking to 10 daily Whitfield said he was surprised the ‘fake’ crosswalk popped up as the council hadn’t seen a demand for one at the location.

He did, however, praise the fine paintwork of the person who put it together.

“Because it was done so well it flummoxed me… to be honest, the paintwork is exceptional,” he said.

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“We’d love for whoever did this to reach out… it’s been done quicker than Main Roads… we have to wait for three months for anything from them.”

But he did stress that the council ‘doesn’t want people doing this sort of thing’ and that the City of Rockingham would be removing the crosswalk as a matter of priority.

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