The Mistake That Led To A Woman Winning Millions In A Double Lotto Win

An elderly Perth woman has become a multi-millionaire after a mistake led to her win Lotto twice.

The woman, in her 70s, felt guilty after the wins because she meant to buy a ticket using her partner’s favourite numbers, instead she only used her own numbers for the Double Win Days.

“I used my Playslip for this week’s Monday and Wednesday Lotto and when I realised I hadn’t used my partner’s Playslip, I felt so guilty that I couldn’t tell him what I’d done,” she said in a Lotterywest statement.

Monday and Wednesday Lotto offers $1million for up to four players, so because of her mistake she won $2million in a double win.

“I think he’s forgiven me now though.”

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The woman, who lives in Noranda, north of Perth,  said she was a regular player on Double Win Days, and that every year she filled out new Playslips to choose her own numbers.

She already knows how she will spend the money,

“The win will mean a bit more travelling, we’ll replace the car and it gives us an opportunity to be kind and generous to others,” she said.

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Lotterywest spokesperson Hermione Coleman said it just went to show that Lotto truly was a game of chance.

“It’s a lovely story and a fantastic win for Western Australia,” she said.