Stiff Competition: Perth Fun Run Logo Raising Money And Eyebrows

An embarrassing oversight is now confronting Perth’s City to Surf organisers.

The Chevron City to Surf fundraiser will take place on Sunday and ahead of the event t-shirts were sent out to participants.

Some participants were quick to spot what they believe to be an awkward mistake with the logo.

Perth man, Gary Trindale, 56, uploaded a photo of the shirt to Twitter on Wednesday.

Image: Supplied

“A friend from work running in the event got the t-shirt delivered yesterday,” he told 10 daily.

“We fell to the floor laughing when she opened it up and thought it was too good not to share.

"It’s all in jest, nobody is taking it too seriously. Let’s just all enjoy it for what it is – a good laugh.”

The issue on the logo appears to be that the arm has been placed just above the legs, resembling a penis.

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Image: Reddit - u/alekstollasepp

When contacted by 10 daily, organisers said they did not wish to comment on the issue, but did say the ‘running man’ logo had been used by the event for years.

The Chevron City to Surf is one of WA’s largest fundraising events and provides help for thousands of people living with a disability.

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The event, in its 45th year, is hosted by Activ – a disability services provider working with WA families.

Participants can choose the 4km, 12km, half marathon or full marathon to help raise money for charity.

The Chevron City to Surf will take place on Sunday, August 25. To register go to

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