Dog's Throat Cut In Burglary, But Saved By Fat Neck

A Labrador has been left with stitches from ear-to-ear after she was slashed across the throat by an intruder.

JJ the Labrador was viciously attacked on Sunday afternoon, when an intruder jumped the back fence of her home in the Perth suburb of Midland.

Her owner, Dylan, had left the house for just a few hours when the attack happened.

After arriving home Dylan said he only noticed the injuries in his dog's chocolate coat when he started patting her.

"I was rubbing her under the neck and I felt my hand all sticky and bloody," Dylan told 10 News First.

With the help of his twin brother, Dylan rushed JJ to the vet, where she underwent emergency surgery.

The vet believes it was JJ's fat neck that saved her life.

"When the vet had a look it was actually quite deep, but luckily for her, she's actually got fat under her neck," Dylan said.

"That what they said actually helped her."

JJ's stitches. Photo: Supplied

JJ is now back home recovering, but the incident has changed her.

Dylan said his once happy and friendly dog is now timid around strangers.

"It's a very sick person who would do that sort of thing to an animal," he said.

"She's like my child. I did not sleep the whole Sunday night."

The family has been left with a $2,500 vet bill, and have set up a fundraising page to help raise funds.

The RSPCA has condemned the incident, calling it "high-end cruelty."

"There is no excuse for this," RSPCA Chief Inspector Amanda Swift said.

"You can face up to five years in prison and a $50,000 fine."

JJ is at home recovering. Photo: 10 News First

Worryingly, police believe this is not an isolated incident. While the intruders did not break into the house, a burglary was reported at a home nearby on the same night.

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But while JJ's family is happy she is home, they said they are no longer willing to let their dogs out of their sight anymore.