Fisherman Revives Kangaroo With CPR After Ocean Rescue

A lost kangaroo who ended up in the middle of the ocean in Western Australia has been saved by a shocked group of fisherman after they found him near-drowning.

Fisherman-turned-roo rescuer Dillan Elliot said the group were about one kilometre offshore, returning from a fishing trip, when the boat's skipper spotted the struggling kangaroo.

"After we sort of put our jaws back up, we thought we better help him," Elliot told 10 News First on Tuesday.

Image: Supplied (Dillan Elliot/Ray Salmons)

After initial attempts to lasso the animal failed, one of the men jumped in the water and swam out to it.

Elliott admits the move was "pretty risky" but said by the time they got it onto the boat, the kangaroo was "as good as gone."

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It was then the group decided to try and revive the kangaroo with CPR.

"We probably got about a litre of water out of him," Elliot said before the kangaroo started lifting his head.

Image: Facebook (Offshore Charters WA- Geraldton)

Elliot said the experience was certainly a first for him.

"It was something I hadn't done before but I figured around that lung area and stomach to try and palpate it and try and get something out," he explained.

"Once I sort of started seeing it coming out of his mouth and his nostrils I knew I was in the right spot."

In a touching moment, Elliott said when the roo regained consciousness it touched its nose to Elliott's own and put his arms around him.

"He was sort of clinging on to me," he said.

Upon their return to shore, Elliott said they tied the roo up onto the jetty and gave him fresh water before an initially disbelieving Department of Parks and Wildlife representative arrived to assess him.

Image: Supplied (Dillan Elliot/Ray Salmons)

Elliot described the encounter was "totally unexpected" and said the group are still unclear how the kangaroo managed to get so far out into open water in the first place.

"He would have been going for a while... he was a long way offshore," he said.

"When we first saw him he was trying to hop in the water".

Image: Supplied (Dillan Elliot/Ray Salmons)

The group of fisherman often travel to the area at Easter, and said they would use the experience to show their children the importance of looking after animals.

According to Elliott, the roo has recovered well after the incident, happily hopping around on dry land the day after his rescue.