(Some) Cyclists Are Now Allowed To Ride On The Footpath In Victoria

Children and their parents, siblings and friends are now allowed to ride their bikes on Victoria's footpaths, in a move to make cycling safer for kids.

The new legislation came into effect on Tuesday.

The following is now permitted on Victorian streets.

  • Children under 13 years old can cycle on footpaths
  • A person over 13 years can accompany a child under 13 who is cycling on a footpath
  • Adults with a young child in a child seat attached to their bike can cycle on the footpath
  • Adults with child pedalling on a bike attachment on the back of an adult bike can cycle on the footpath

The new rules don't apply to adults with trailers attached to their bikes or cargo bikes that are transporting children.

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Adults, teens and children who chose to ride their bikes on the footpath must still give way to pedestrians.

Victoria is allowing child cyclists and their families to ride on the footpath from here. Image: Getty

Footpath riders are also encouraged to slow down and ring their bell when approaching a pedestrian.

When a footpath cyclist comes to a road, they must dismount and walk across to the other side, unless a sign or bike lantern indicates otherwise.

Vicroads has also issued a reminder for drivers to give way to footpath cyclists when pulling in and out of driveways.