Cow Destined For Slaughter Fell Out Of Truck Onto Freeway Causing Peak-Hour Chaos

The rogue bovine ended up on the median strip of the Monash Freeway, causing a cat(tle)astrophe for Melbourne commuters.

Drivers were treated to the udderly unconventional sight this morning, affecting traffic near the Clyde Road exit in Berwick.

It is believed the cow had fallen off the back of a truck, finding himself in a peculiar predicament.

His misadventure could be a blessing in disguise: rescuers believe he was destined for a plate, but now he has the chance to become a pet.

The right-hand lane was closed to protect the beast and traffic was reduced to 40km/h.

Victoria Police was called in to manage traffic, while animal rescue charity Warriors 4 Wildlife brought in a horse float for the mad cow.

They took him to the vet where he was treated for multiple grazes.

If no one claims the cow, he'll live out his days with the other lucky rescue animals.