WATCH: Leopard's Ultra-Cute Reaction To Seeing Fresh Snow

Miska the snow leopard really, REALLY, likes snow, see what happens when a special truckload was delivered to her at Melbourne Zoo.

The three-year-old snow leopard was filmed on the zoo's 'Keeper Cam', with the video released to the public on Thursday.

The video shows Miska enthusiastically spring into the air, somersault and play inquisitively with the snow.

Miska reacts to her fresh delivery of snow. Image: Melbourne Zoo

The zoo's Carnivores and Ungulates Coordinator Luke Hausler said the gift of snow was part of Melbourne Zoo's Snow Leopard Enrichment Program.

“This program plays an important role in our day-to-day animal care as we look to provide new experiences to trigger sensory and physical stimulation," he said.

Miska playing gleefully with her snow. Image: Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo is home to two Snow leopards, Miska and Kang Ju, who are part of an international breeding program to help preserve the species in the fight against extinction.