Mercedes Sprung Taking Up Two Disabled Parks At Children's Hospital

A driver has copped backlash for parking across two disabled parking spaces - without a disability permit - at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.

Photographs of the incident were posted to the 'Australian Disability Parking Wall of Shame' Facebook group, attracting criticism and speculation.

The person who posted the photos on Wednesday October 2 said they had contacted security to report the rogue parker.

The car taking up two disabled parking spots. Image: Facebook

Some people were quick to point out the driver could have been in an emergency and taken the first park available, while other people's takes on the situation have been less sympathetic.

The car taking up two disabled parking spots. Image: Facebook

One commenter was horrified by the park: "what the actual f**k?! Holy crap some people are just ridiculous."

Another was trying to see the potential complexity of the situation, pointing out that they too had committed parking faux pas similar to the one captured: "Just a thought and not saying it's at all ok parking there but maybe their head wasn't there in the moment. Maybe they were in a hurry to get to ED, maybe they have a sick or dying child in the hospital etc... you just don't know. Yes it's frustrating but I must admit I've been one of those people who have had so much on my mind when my little girl has been admitted and accidentally parked in a no parking zone.... Yes I got a fine and paid it."

Understandably, no one has come forward to dob themselves in.

Given the benefit of the doubt and assuming it was an emergency situation, taking up two spaces seems unnecessary.