Kangaroos Will Be Shot And Turned Into Pet Food

Kangaroos will be harvested for commercial pet food processing in Victoria, under a plan to help manage the population and minimise waste by using the carcasses as pet food.

The Kangaroo Harvesting Program authorises the harvest of 14,090 Eastern Grey and Western Grey kangaroos for the remainder of 2019: that's 227 kangaroos every day.

It follows the success of the Kangaroo Pet Food Trial which ended on September 30, 2019.

Kangaroos carcasses can only be harvested by authorised and qualified shooters with the landowner’s permission and carcasses will be transported to registered processors to be processed for pet food.

Three companies in Yering, Stanhope and Hamilton will participate in the processing of the kangaroo carcasses into pet food, with other licensed pet food processors able to join the program in the future.

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In 2018 the total kangaroo population in Victoria was estimated to be approximately 1.4 million, although this was a conservative estimate.

The commercial harvesting quota will be updated every 12 months in response to the latest kangaroo population surveys and population modelling.

On its website, Agriculture Victoria states "While kangaroos are native wildlife, the Victorian Government appreciates that they can have a detrimental effect on farmers, producers and Victoria’s economy by eating crops, drinking water meant for livestock and ruining property such as fences."

"This program will allow landowners to control the kangaroo population on their property and minimise the damage that kangaroos do. It also means that kangaroo carcasses will be used to create economic benefit for Victoria, rather than being left to waste away in paddocks."

The harvest zones include Mallee, Upper Wimmera, Lower Wimmera, Central, Otway, North East, and Gippsland.

Image: Agriculture Victoria

While the current plan allows for Kangaroo meat to be processed for Australian pet food, the Victorian Government is currently seeking approval from the Commonwealth Government to allow the overseas export of kangaroo skins harvested in Victoria.