'Didgeridoo Man' Confronts Home Invader Outside Court

An accused home invader, who was chased down by a man wearing only his underwear and armed with a didgeridoo, has faced court for the first time since the alleged robbery.

Kym Abrook, 52, was woken by noises in his Fulham Gardens home in the early hours of the morning on June 3.

The father of 12 went to investigate and disturbed an intruder who was leaving his house -- he grabbed his didgeridoo and gave chase.

Police arrived shortly after and discovered the man hiding in the driveway of a nearby home.

Kym Abrook showing 10 News what happened that night. Photo: 10 News First

Zaid Abu Rahma was allegedly found with cash and a wallet, stolen during the break-in, and was arrested.

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After the hearing on Tuesday, Abrook confronted Rahma as he left court.

Zaid Abu Rahma leaves court. Photo: 10 News First

"Why would you do that?" He asked him.

"We live around the corner from each other."

Rahma didn't respond.

"Think about getting some help buddy 'cos you really need it," Abrook said.

Holding his prized didgeridoo outside court, Abrook, told how his children still don't feel safe in his home.

Kym Abrook outside court.

"I still don't get more than one hour sleep a night," he told 10 News First.

"It still gives me nightmares."

Rahma remains on bail until his next appearance in September.