Aussie Woman Finds 'Decent-Sized' Glass In Her Hospital Meal

Patricia Smith was a cardiac patient at the Lyell McEwin Hospital in Adelaide's north, when she made a frightening and dangerous discovery.

The 73-year-old was eating her evening meal when she felt a lump in her curried chicken served on April 28.

When she spat it out she discovered it was glass, and immediately alerted staff.

"It wasn’t a slither of glass, it wasn’t a small piece of glass, it was a piece of glass ... a decent sized piece of glass," she told reporters. 

Patricia Smith shows a photograph of the glass shard she says was in her meal.

Despite reporting her dangerous find, she said the other patient's meals were not recalled.

"There’s 49 meals out there, 49 potential deaths."

"What if they’d gone down to the maternity ward? What if some old person in this ward, and the cardiac ward has a lot of people in it, what if one of them didn’t realise?”

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Opposition health spokesman Chris Picton also addressed the media today outside the hospital, and is calling on the government to launch an investigation.

"This obviously is very concerning that there’s clearly failures of quality control of the meals here at Lyell McEwin. And that needs to be urgently addressed so we don’t see other instances like this happening again," he said.

SA Health has since issued an apology to Smith.

"We take this matter very seriously. We're still investigating what the foreign object was," a spokesman said.

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"We're also working with our external food providers as well, just to make sure that was can ascertain if and where the foreign object came from."

He said meals that hadn't been yet delivered to patients were not distributed once staff became aware of the issue.

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