Three Primary Schoolgirls Crushed By Tree Outside Church

A girl is fighting for life and two others are also injured after a tree branch fell on them in Melbourne.

Emergency services were called to St. John Vianney's Primary School in Parkdale about 12.50pm on Tuesday, and found the three girls with head injuries.

Just before the incident, about 100 students were attending mass. As they were leaving, a freak gust of wind caused a nearby branch to give way.

School Principal Shane Regan addresses the media on Tuesday afternoon. Image: Supplied.

Principal Shane Regan confirmed the full school was leaving the church at the time and that a number of students saw the branch fall onto the girls.

"I was very proud of the way they responded and moved out of the way, didn't panic."

He said all parents were notified immediately.

"We've had some time together, they've had time together with their teachers. The children are fine at the moment. They are concerned for those who are injured," Regan said.

The branch that snapped off during a strong gust of wind. Image: Supplied

Paramedics treated the girls at the scene and all three were taken by ambulance to the Royal Children's Hospital.

One girl is in a critical condition and the other two are stable.

Regan said there were 'never previously' concerns about the branch, and that he believed the particular tree had been checked within the last two years.

"The trees are checked on a regular basis by Arborists and there's never been any concerns about it previous to today."

"We've got an Arborist coming around at some stage later tonight to assess the tree, and then we'll take the appropriate action based on the Arborist's report."



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