Tributes For 'Loved And Well-Respected' Maltese Grandparents Killed In Crash

A couple, aged in their 80's, who had just had dinner with their family has been killed on a Sydney road, by an allegedly speeding driver.

It's doubtful Frank and Carmen Sant even saw the driver coming, when they entered the notoriously dangerous intersection on Coveny Street in Doonside.

Security vision from a nearby home shows the four-wheel-drive being t-boned by a Nissan Pulsar that failed to give way.

The couple were then sent flying, flipping several times before smashing through Sikeiti Naufahu’s fence.

“Suddenly, it felt like an earthquake – it hit hard,” Naufahu told 10 News First on Sunday.

“When I came out I saw a man, he just dropped his head… and the lady…she passed away.”

PHOTO: Kim Pratt

On Sunday, as they returned to the crash site, Frank and Carmen’s family told reporters that the grandparents were “loved and well-respected in the Maltese community.”

Four minutes away at their Doonside home, their neighbours were coming to terms with the news.

“Just wonderful, wonderful people,” Doreen McCleary said, as she struggled to find the words to match her grief.

“I’ve known Frank and Carmen for years…He used to love his garden and you’d just see him coming in and out ...  his wife… she’s been pretty sick lately.”

Frank and Carmen Sant. PHOTO: Instagram

Police say 22-year-old Harjinder Singh was behind the wheel of the Nissan and have charged him with a raft of offences, including two counts of dangerous driving occasioning death.

The Indian national who is in Australia on a student visa and works as a delivery driver was refused police bail ahead of his court appearance on Monday.

His friends, who did not provide their names, visited Singh in custody bringing him shoes and clothes.

“He’s feeling so sick at the moment,” they said.

“It can happen with anyone. It’s our bad luck, it’s their bad luck.

We really apologise for that.”

Among neighbours, Coveny Street, where the crash occurred is considered dangerous, with an eerily similar crash occurring at the same spot two years ago and again earlier this year.

These accidents prompted residents to start a petition to install a roundabout where Coveny intersects with Crawford Road and it was handed to Blacktown City Council in mid-April with almost 80 signatures.

But, in a letter responding to the petition, the Director of City Assets, Rudi Svarc, said the roundabout was not a priority, but “listed for future funding."

“Unfortunately, I am unable to give you an indication of when the funds will be provided for this particular project,” he wrote.

“We have previously investigated traffic speeds in Crawford Road and found that speeds are higher than desirable… Mt Druitt Police Highway Patrol has been requested to enforce the speed limit.”

The latest double fatality has reinvigorated these cries for safety measures, with neighbours returning to the crash site with placards saying ‘Please Help! Slow Down’ and ‘We Have Petitioned! Stop The Deaths’.

They told reporters they’re scared that one day they’ll wake up with a car in their homes.

“That’s why I put my fence, a strong fence in, to protect my house if something happen,” Naufahu said.