The Secret To Staying Married For More Than 70 Years

Felix and Sadah Seady are about to celebrate their 73rd wedding anniversary.

“Big time!” laughs Felix, who is 101-years-young, and almost always holding his 96 -year -old wife’s hand.

And their secret to a long and very happy life together may astound you. It’s not all wedded bliss – and that’s the key.

“No two people have the same exact ideas or anything, so there must be some sort of clash,” Sadah says.

“But clash and get together. Fight is good. Shout is good. And then at the end of the day, come together.”

Felix chimes in; “Go easy I don’t like fighting!”

“You always fought with me,” laughs Sadah.

Felix and Sadah Seady.

They proudly take us on a tour of their living room, then bedroom in their Uniting aged care home in Bondi.

“We put the two beds together so Felix sleeps next to me and if he wants to get away I pull him back,” Sadah says.

“You wouldn’t believe that would you?" her hubby chuckles.

The pair were married in South Africa in 1946, when Felix returned from WWII.

After signing up he was sent to North Africa and Egypt, where he was taken as a prisoner of war and transferred to Germany, then Italy.

“Then he tried to escape with his friend, but they got caught,” Sadah explains.

After liberation – came adoration, and the young returned soldier knew he wanted to make Sadah his wife.

Felix during his time at war.

"Felix came out in his railway blazer to take me to the concert."

Felix drops in; "Real Classy!"

Sadah grins and continues; “After that I said I don't want to know you, how could I go out with someone with a striped jacket?!"

"One night at my granny's he said would I marry him and I said I will let you know, and half an hour later I said yes," Sadah said.

"I must say we worked very hard we had no money, we got married just after the war."

Soon after they settled in Australia to raise a family.

As they walk to afternoon tea, there is still hand-holding, lots of laughs and pet names.

“Come on Snipsy,” she says.

And after a cup of tea, Sadah leans over and plants a series of kisses on her husband’s face – much to Felix’s delight.

“Yay that was a good one!” he enthuses.