Totally Hammered! Shark Tries To Steal Fisherman's Beer Cans

Trouble started brewing and the sea became frothy in the South Australian waters.

Arron Piekarski and his father Spishek were fishing off the Yorke Peninsula on Tuesday, when they felt the boat move.

When they looked down and saw the shark emerge, Arron, 37, grabbed his GoPro, and started filming -- both from the boat, and underwater.

The great white tries to get a hold of a container of beer cans.

"It was definitely more inquisitive than aggressive," he told 10 News First on Friday.

"Getting the hand in the water... you know, you just have to pull it out at the right time."

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The curious shark nudged the boat several times, and tried to get its teeth around a container of empty Hahn SuperDry cans at the back of the vessel.

"It must be an Australian shark," Spishek Piekarki told 10 News First.

"We're not certain if it was a female or male, but it came up to smile at us."

GoPro footage of the shark circling the boat.

About 12 feet long, the great white seemed quite calm, and Arron even reached out for a pat.

The whole encounter lasted about 10 minutes, before the shark swam off into the sunset.

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Arron and Spishek left with an incredible shark tale, and a few scars to prove it.

Aaron inspects the bite marks left on his boat.

The pair is already preparing to get back out on the water tomorrow.

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