Kangaroo Found Decapitated In Sickening Adelaide Attack

Police are investigating whether a kangaroo left butchered by a roadside is linked to two cats recently found beheaded in a nearby suburb.

The kangaroo was found decapitated on the side of a road in Adelaide's north-east around 7am on Thursday, leaving local residents in shock.

The small kangaroo appears to be quite young.

The kangaroo was found decapitated on a Tea Tree Gully street.

One woman told how she placed a blanket over the animal's carcass.

"I just got a blanket, put it over the body, just to sort of keep it from people's view," Grace Greer told 10 News First.

And she's certain the kangaroo wasn't killed by accident.

"It definitely wasn't a car... (the kangaroo's body) seemed quite complete. It was just decapitated."

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Police searched the nearby area but were unable to locate the animal's head.

Firefighters were also called in to wash blood off the road.

Blood stains left on the road where the kangaroo's body was found.

Kangaroos are a common sight in the street, which runs alongside a popular conservation park.

"We love walking up there and seeing all the animals," local resident Brenda Lawton told 10 News First.

"A lot of people in the street put water across the road for them."

It's unclear whether the sickening attack is linked to the recent discovery of two decapitated cats in nearby suburbs.

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Anyone convicted of the crimes faces a $50,000 fine or four years jail.