Huge Meteor Lights Up Skies Over Victoria, South Australia

Stargazers were treated to a light show late Tuesday night, with the glow of a fast moving meteor stunning viewers.

Sightings were recorded across parts of South Australia and Victoria, with hundreds taking to social media to share their footage.

Dashcam captured the meteor lighting up the sky.

It was a rare birthday treat for Adelaide man Dylan Bishop, who captured the event on his dashcam at Seaford.

"It basically lit up the sky just before 11pm, to look like 1pm in the afternoon," he told 10 daily.

"Being my birthday today, it's a bit of a special thing."

Experts say the large piece of rock probably came from an asteroid belt somewhere in our solar system.

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"Every now and then something gets booted around, or booted out, and gets close to earth and hits our atmosphere," Flinders University's Dr Alice Gorman told 10 daily.

"This one is unusual because it seems to be quite large and to have been seen over a very wide area."

The meteor (top left) was spotted on security cameras.

Witnesses in Melbourne were shaken by the sudden bright flash.

"I was just shocked, but my sister said to me she thought it was the end of the world or something," Natalija Ganic told 10 daily.

It's the second time in recent days that parts of the country have been treated to a sky show, with residents in Alice Springs spotting a similar event on Monday.

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While experts say the meteor was particularly large, don't rush out to try and find a piece of it - they believe it likely crashed into the ocean, somewhere off the South Australian coast.

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