Cold Case Breakthrough: Nephew Charged Over Adelaide Woman's Murder

Steven Hainsworth has been charged over the 2010 murder of Adelaide grandmother, Beverley Hanley.

Hainsworth, 44, is Hanley's nephew. He was arrested in Melbourne almost than nine years after the 64-year-old grandmother's death.

Hanley was attacked at her Elizabeth North home in October 2010. She was beaten with a cricket bat and stabbed multiple times. Her house was ransacked, and her handbag was stolen.

Beverley Hanley was killed at her Elizabeth North home in 2010.

Hainsworth lived just streets away from his aunt when she died, and had most recently been living in Mildura, Victoria.

He outed himself to media as a suspect in her murder in July last year, but denied any involvement.

On Thursday, South Australian police arrested him just outside of Melbourne, and applied to have him extradited. He landed in Adelaide on a flight later that afternoon, and was later charged with murder.

Steven Hainsworth is marched through the airport after being arrested for his aunt's murder.

After Hainsworht's arrested, Hanley's granddaughter Tasha Chase told 10 News First it's been hard to go without answers for nearly a decade.

"It's been difficult because the world keeps moving, everyone's life keeps going on, but there's always something in the back of your mind," Chase said.

"I stress about bad things happening, I'm overprotective of my kids, it really has taken its toll on my life."

Hanley's neighbours remember the attack like it was yesterday.

"A terrible scream, you should have heard it," a neighbour told 10 News First.

"That scream haunts me even now."

Despite speaking with police just last week, 10 News First understands Hainsworth was shocked to be arrested on Thursday morning. He'd even bought a bus ticket back to his home in Mildura.

It's believed DNA will play a key part in the case.

Hainsworth will face an Adelaide court on Friday.