'He's No Bob Hawke': ScoMo Resists Pressure To Down A Beer On Anzac Day

In the sweltering heat of Townsville, Prime Minister Scott Morrison grabbed a cold beer at The Australian Hotel.

The PM was surrounded by a pack of cameras, and enthusiastic locals seized on the opportunity.

They started chanting, “He’s a ScoMo, he's true blue, he’s a piss pot through and through.”

The singing and pressure to down a beer the way Bob Hawke so famously did, kept ramping up.

Morrison decided not to skol his frothy one. Photo: 10 News First.

The chorus got louder and louder: "He was going to go to heaven but he went the other way, he went down, down.”

But the Prime Minister was not up for chugging it back in one hit, instead practising responsible drinking.

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Morrison’s lack of enthusiasm to follow a Prime Minister past was met with boos from disappointed locals.

One pub goer yelled, “He’s no Bob Hawke!”

Labor’s Hawke once held the record for the fastest downing of a yard of beer (1.4L) in just 11 seconds.

Former PM Bob Hawke at the launch of a beer named after him. Photo: AAP.

While Morrison has not tried to take the record, he has knocked back a cold one in a single hit before.

At his first Prime Minister’s XI game of cricket in Canberra last year, he showed the crowd he could skol a beer without wasting a single drop.

Official campaigning is on hold today, but the PM visited a pub in the seat of Herbert, which Labor won last election by just 37 votes.

Whether you endorse the PM’s responsible drinking or share local’s disappointment he didn’t follow in Bob Hawke’s footsteps, it is an election where every vote counts.

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