Five Men Save Family From Burning Home After Jumping Off Club Courtesy Bus

A family of five is lucky to be alive, all thanks to a group of men who risked their own lives to save the Sydney family from their burning home.

It was just after 2am on Saturday morning when the five men, who were passing by on a club courtesy bus, spotted smoke coming out of the Glenmore Park home in Sydney's west.

The men immediately told the driver to pull aside, jumping out the bus window and rushing toward the house.

One of the group, Andrew Buttifant, told 10 News First they tried looking for a hose, before banging on the windows and doors of the home to wake the residents.

"There was just smoke everywhere, flames going through the roof," Buttifant said.

Andrew Buttifant helped save a family from their burning home. Image: 10 News First

"Get away from the house" the men can be heard repeatedly yelling in dramatic footage captured from the incident.

"We woke up the whole neighbourhood and didn't wake up the people we were trying to wake up," Daniel Ottway told 10 News First.

"Lucky everyone got out in time, I was pretty happy everyone was alright and no one got injured".

Daniel Ottway said he's glad everyone is safe. Image: 10 News First

Inside the home, the family of five were awake -- but fearing they were about to become victims of a totally different misfortune.

They didn't realise their house was ablaze, so the family heard the banging and believed they were about to become the victims of a home invasion -- and barricaded themselves inside.

"Your first instinct is not to get to the door, because if they are armed you don't know what they're capable of," resident Aida Rayco said.

Eventually, the family smelt smoke and quickly realised their situation was dire, then fled their home.

Aida Rayco and her family believed they were about to become victims of a home invasion. Image: 10 News First

"I opened the sliding door, that's when I saw the smoke," Rayco recalled.

"And then my instinct was to close it back... and contain the fire inside there."

But that's not where their terrifying ordeal ended.

One of the home's residents, Rayco's pregnant daughter-in-law, was still inside while the others escaped. Not knowing of the fire, the woman remained indoors to call the police and report the suspected home invasion.

Thankfully, the family were able to save the woman and miraculously everyone survived without injury.

Fire investigators spent hours at the property on Saturday to determine the cause of the blaze, with their focus on a refrigerator in the garage.

But the family is just grateful for their rescuers, and said they can't believe how quickly it all happened.

"I wouldn't be talking here had you not passed by and had you not been here," Rayco said.

Image: 10 News First

"I am so lucky to have a community that is so supportive," she added.

"To me, they are heroes and thank god we are alive."

Bus driver Craig Cochrane also praised his young passengers as heroes.

"They didn't think of themselves, someone needed help and they went to help them," Cochrane said.

Image: Penrith Panthers' courtesy bus driver was overcome with emotion, describing the five men as heroes. Image: 10 News First

Asked whether they felt like heroes, Buttifant said "a little bit".

Featured Image: 10 News First