Yasir Amin Told His Father To Run. Next Minute, He Was On The Ground

For so many people caught up in the Christchurch terror attack, their fates hang in the balance.

On Saturday night, 10 News First met young father Yasir Amin and his two friends outside a community centre on Hagley Avenue in the centre of the city.

All three young men looked ridden with angst, but were willing to share their stories.

Yasir’s father, who was visiting from Pakistan, now lies in a hospital bed. After undergoing two surgeries since the shooting, the 67-year-old is still in a critical condition.

Yasir Amin, 35, describes his run-in with the gunman in Friday's mass shootings. Image: AAP

On Friday afternoon, the father and son had been walking toward the Al Noor Mosque where up to several hundred Muslims regularly gather for Friday prayers.

On Deans Avenue, they heard gunfire.

“Initially I thought it was a couple of people fighting with each other," Yasir said.

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The pair then saw the gunman walk onto the street.

"I told my father it’s time to run away because it’s a shooting," he said.

He said the man with the semi automatic weapon was already close -- about "seven to eight metres away ... pointing his gun at us".

“The next time I saw my dad, he was on the ground, blood everywhere."

People pay their respects in front of floral tributes for victims of the March 15 mosque attack. Image: Getty

When asked what he thought of the man who behind the attack, Yasir could only slowly shake his head, before declaring he had no idea. He was only focused on his father's recovery.

And, he said quietly, two of his friends who were still missing.

Featured image: AAP