"I Cannot Stay Silent": Greens MP Calls On Colleague To Stand Aside

NSW Greens MP Jenny Leong has used parliamentary privilege to call on fellow Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham to "step aside" and not run for the 2019 state election.

It follows allegations from a former staffer that he touched her inappropriately in 2011.

Leong said she believed the staffer Ella Buckland, "we need to do better and our party has failed you".

The Greens MP said there were other examples of bad behaviour. She didn't going to detail, but shared her own alleged experience.

"On two occasions earlier this year Jeremy behaved in an aggressive and intimidating manner towards me", Leong told the parliament.

Directly telling him, "you must acknowledge your role in this and stand aside before more damage is done."

Leong finished her address by saying "I am no longer going to be part of a system that runs a protection racket for badly behaved men in this place or in this society it has to stop."

In a statement, Buckingham refused to step aside and rejected what Leong said about her interactions with him.

"I've been democratically elected to the parliament and to the NSW Greens Legislative Council ticket by a ballot of all members."

He said the sexual harassment allegations involving a former staffer "raised today were investigated by independent workplace investigation specialists Workdynamic -- as per NSW Greens policy -- earlier this year and there was no finding of any wrongdoing."