NSW MP Erupts Over Women's Week Proposal

Ten News has been told a confrontation erupted between two female MPs during a party room meeting this week.

During the meeting government MPs were explicitly warned about the dangers of leaking five months out from the state election.

Sources have confirmed the Minister for Women, Tanya Davies discussed her plan to hold the state's first Women's Week in March next year with her colleagues at the end of the meeting.

It's understood member for Miranda, Eleni Petinos then hit back saying she was "disappointed" in the tokenistic gesture and that dedicating a week to women was "counter productive" to the concept of equality, saying she expected better from her party.

"It is my strong view that introducing a NSW Women’s Week is both unnecessary and counterintuitive to the concept of gender equality," Petinos later told Ten News in a statement.

"I have always advocated for measures that empower women. However, highlighting women for seven days of the year when we are 50 percent of the population is, respectfully, tokenism."

Eleni Petinos Member For Miranda: Photo Credit: Eleni Petinos Facebook

It comes after several women in the federal Liberal party complained about the treatment of women within the party.

In a statement to Channel Ten, the Minister for Women said Women's Week represents a great opportunity for the advancement of gender equality.

"Women’s Week will be a platform to celebrate girls and women of all backgrounds, who every day overcome the discrimination and gender inequity that still exists in our society.

"The week will occur around and builds on the success of International Women’s Day, which has been empowering women for more than 100 years, and is just one of the ways we support women."

When asked if her party was doing enough for women today, Premier Gladys Berejiklian said: "I'm incredibly proud of our record in supporting the community in all those matters."