Hundreds Of Goats Take Over Neighbourhood Thanks To One Craving A Flower

A neighbourhood in the U.S. has been taken over by hundreds of goats after they escaped their enclosure, all because one became peckish for a flower snack.

San Jose resident Terry Roelands could only watch as the tribe took over the streets.

Roelands told NBC News the goats had been used to clear the brush on the hill behind his house after it caught fire 15 years ago.

But it all went wrong on Tuesday evening after one goat began eating a flower on the other side of the electric fence.

The goats quickly made their way through the streets. Image: Zach Roelands

Somehow, the goat managed to tap the electric fence, allowing it and the other goats to break through it and escape.

Roeland’s son Zach tweeted a video of the tribe making its way through the street.

The goats stopped to eat the local flowers and grass. Image: Zach Roelands

“When I got back from the store all the goats had broken through the fence and were recking (sic) havoc on our street,” he said.

“This is the craziest thing to happen all quarantine.”

Neighbours, including one on a quad bike, attempted to corral the goats along the streets, but many animals were too busy eating the grass and plants in the front yards.



Animals Reclaim The Streets With Humans In Lockdown

As the coronavirus pandemic keeps millions of people indoors, wild animals are roaming the once-bustling, now deserted streets. 

“They ate all the plants and pooped all over the grass,” Zach said in a reply on the original tweet.

“You know, more fertiliser so I’ll have to mow it twice as often.”

Zach said after a few minutes, a rancher managed to round up the goats and herd them back home.