More Than 350,000 People Have Recovered From Coronavirus Around The World

More than 350,000 people have recovered from Covid-19 worldwide, but at least 1.5 million have tested positive for the deadly disease, according to the last figures from Johns Hopkins University.

At the time of writing the number of patients who have recovered stands at 351,201, while global infections climbed to 1,582,904.

Deaths are approaching 100,000 with the disease proving fatal for 94,807 of those infected.

This means between 20-25 percent of patients have recovered from the disease.



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Though, considering many countries have various testing requirements it is likely that recovery figure is higher.

For instance, 80 percent of cases are believed to be mild enough to treat at home and therefore aren't being considered in infection and recovery totals in some countries.

In Australia, there are about 6,109 cases.

Of those, 3,071 are active, 2,987 people have recovered and 51 people have died. Currently 81 patients are being treated in intensive care wards.

More than 330,000 tests have been conducted nationwide.

The countries with the most number of recoveries are China (77,679), Spain (52,165), Germany (50,557), Iran (32,309) and Italy (28,470), but this correlates with the fact they have the highest number of cases in the world.

Tracking the spread of the novel coronavirus. Image: Reuters

The situation in Europe is severe, but there have been small signs things are slowing down.

For instance, Spain’s prime minister warned nationwide confinement would likely last until May, even though the worst should soon be over and the death toll slowed.

Italy may start lifting some restrictions by the end of April provided the slowing trend continues, its prime minister told the BBC, but the easing can only be gradual.

In Germany restrictions are flattening the curve and in Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now out of ICU.



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In the US a top infectious disease expert warned against reopening the economy too soon after a downward revisions in the projected death toll.

And some are predicting Canada’s death toll to soar from the current 435 to as high as 22,000 by the end of the pandemic.

China is also looking to allocate more resources to prevent the spread of the virus from its land borders, as the country still faces risks of a comeback with new clusters identified in some regions.



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