The Most Bizarre Social Distancing Outfits

As society embraces social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, some people are using unique props and costumes to make sure others stay at least 1.5 metres away.

Giant, inflatable animal ensembles appear to be a popular choice for those looking to protect themselves when out and about.

Unicorns are real! Image: Facebook
Or a heavy-duty face mask. Image: Facebook

Social distancing measures requiring people to remain physically apart may be a scary new reality for the world, but some people have used them to bring smiles to a few faces.

They always come in pairs. Image: Reddit

The Bananas In Pyjamas were caught unawares as they were walking down a street.

Safety first. Image: Facebook

Knights of the Realm stopped off for supplies at their local Coles while a Stormtrooper took time away from taking over the galaxy to catch a train.

This woman wasn't taking any chances. Image: Facebook

A man in Italy wore a giant disc to make sure people couldn't come within the 1.5 metres, while another woman used pool noodles to keep others away.

Jeremy Cohen, a photographer in Brooklyn, went on a first date while wearing  a giant inflatable walking ball to make sure he and his date, Tori Cignarelli maintained their social distancing requirements.

Tori Cignarelli and Jeremy Cohen in their love bubble. Image: Maxwell Swift/Jeremy Cohen



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A woman in China wore an inflatable giraffe costume to go to her local hospital to collect medication for her dad.

Off to the local hospital. Image: Weibo
His Spidey-Senses were tingling. Image: Getty



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Two costume makers at the Midland Community Theatre Costume Shop in the U.K. used hoop skirts to make sure they stayed 1.5 metres away from each other while working.

That's one way to use costumes. Image: Midland Community Theatre Costume Shop
Walking the dog has never been so fun. Image: Getty

And if you get stuck on social distancing ideas, National Museums Scotland has a historical throwback to get you started.

Feature image: Getty/ Facebook