WATCH: Locked-down Community Celebrates Birthday From Their Balconies

Not even a pandemic could help one woman in Lebanon escape the awkward 'Happy Birthday' sing-a-long as the locked-down community surprised her with a balcony rendition of the tune.

A coronavirus quarantine in Lebanon didn't stop family and neighbours from celebrating a birthday in the apartment complex.

Neighbours sing from their balconies. Image: Jess Younis

Standing on their balconies and in windows, neighbours sang 'Happy Birthday' to Jess Younis.

“They wanted to surprise me with the birthday cake and I was hearing my name,” she told Reuters.



Fitness Instructor Leads Balcony Gym Class From His Rooftop

A fitness instructor has led a class for people to join from their balconies under coronavirus lockdown in Spain.

The 25-year-old arrived from Paris on Sunday and her parents and neighbours decided to surprise her with a cake and a serenade.

Younis filmed the festivities from her phone.